About Us

This website is operated by the Cranfield Group who have been providing Financial Advice since 1988 to clients and been providing pension transfer advice for 10 years. The service aims to help those who have emigrated from the UK or returning to New Zealand to repatriate their pension money back to New Zealand if it is to their advantage.

We aim to make the process simple and uncomplicated but also point out the benefits and any detriments if there are any. There have been numerous tax and pension law changes both in the UK and New Zealand of which many people are unaware of.

The service is provided by Marcus Cranfield AFA, Certified Financial Planner who spent 5 years in the financial services industry in the UK so he has an excellent understanding of how things work on that side of the world. Like the UK, New Zealand has a heavily regulated financial services industry. He is an Authorised Financial Adviser who is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority and is bound by strict laws and regulations which means he must have the clients best interests at all times.

In case you ever have a complaint about this service we belong to the Financial Disputes Resolution Service which is a free complaints service and offers good recourse in the event advice has been deemed to be inadequate.

“Thanks, you guys made it so easy to transfer my pension over to New Zealand, I had spoken to other transfer companies but they made it sound too complicated.” Andrew Wilkinson