Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I transfer my UK Pension to NZ?
The benefits include:

  • Tax advantages
  • Early access to savings
  • Restrictions in the UK if you should die
  • Currency exchange advantages
  • Reduced bank charges
How do I know if I'm eligible to transfer my UK Pension to New Zealand?
You can either contact your provider in the UK and they’ll ascertain your eligibility or talk to us no obligation, so you know where you stand.
Is this going to be a difficult process?
If you attempt the transfer yourself you may find it confusing and frustrating at times.
We streamlined the UK Pension transfer process to make it easy for our clients as we transfer pensions all the time.
How long will it take to transfer my UK pension to New Zealand?
It depends on how long your UK pension provider takes to complete paper work and confirm pension values. Often between 3 and 9 months.
Can I choose where I reinvest my pension?
Yes you can. We suggest you fill out our Risk Profile so we can recommend solid options based on your capacity and tolerance to risk. We are Authorised Financial Advisers and can offer you various mixtures of asset classes and funds and any other financial advice you may require.
Can you hold my pension in Sterling until I am happy with the exchange rate?
Yes we are able to transfer your pension in pounds and then wait until you are happy with the international exchange rate. We will then transfer your money into New Zealand dollars.
Under what circumstances can I not transfer my pension?
Your pension provider in the UK may create obstacles. Some UK providers require that you live and work in NZ and are a tax resident of New Zealand.
You may not be able to transfer your pension to NZ if your pension has started paying money in the United Kingdom.
Can I leave my pension in the UK for a while before transferring it to New Zealand?
Leaving your pension in the UK could potentially create a tax liability depending on circumstance however there is no legal requirement to immediately transfer your pension to New Zealand. Please see the latest changes to taxation of foreign superannuation once you are outside the “transitional migrant” rules
It’s important to seek specialist tax advice pertaining to your individual circumstances.
Who controls my pension during the transfer?
Your funds are always kept under your name either by the provider in the UK or NZ or by the trustees of these funds. At no time are your funds not in your name. We only control the transfer process not your funds.
What is your minimum pension transfer amount?
We can only deal with transfer values of $50,000NZD or more – this can be with multiple pensions.
Can I transfer my pension to KiwiSaver?
Yes, you can transfer your UK Pension through to KiwiSaver
“Thanks, you guys made it so easy to transfer my pension over to New Zealand, I had spoken to other transfer companies but they made it sound too complicated.” Andrew Wilkinson