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The 2014 UK Budget has brought in some of the biggest changes to UK pensions ever seen. These changes will affect almost all UK Pensions and especially public sector pensions including: teachers, armed forces, firefighters & police, NHS and civil service pensions.

These changes do not however have any implications for any UK Pensions that you are already receiving an annuity from.

All of these changes come into immediate effect from April 6 2015 after which you will not be able to transfer out of these schemes. We strongly recommend if you have a state sector Pension to contact us right away. The public sector pension schemes are experiencing huge transfer demand and we strongly recommend taking action as soon as possible should you want to transfer your UK Pension to New Zealand. Please note that making a transfer request does not commit you to having to make a transfer, but by doing so you leave the option open.

“Thanks, you guys made it so easy to transfer my pension over to New Zealand, I had spoken to other transfer companies but they made it sound too complicated.” Andrew Wilkinson