Transfer Benefits

When considering whether or not to transfer your UK pension to New Zealand you firstly need to consider whether you plan to retire in New Zealand; if you don’t then you will need to seek advice.

The benefits in transferring are:

  • Tax Saving – money paid out from a New Zealand superannuation scheme are paid out tax free. If you bring your pension out to New Zealand whilst within the 4 year transitional residency period you will not need to pay out any tax on the transfer either.
  • Access – you will be able to access 30% at age 55 and then the other 70% is paid out as “income for life”. However if access is a concern you could use KiwiSaver as a tool to access the rest of the money at 65 – speak to us in regards to this.
  • Control – by having your money in New Zealand you have much more control over it.
  • No need to purchase an annuity – in New Zealand you don’t need to purchase an annuity
  • Currency risk – this is reduced by bringing your pension over and you get to choose the exchange rate you want to convert your pension money into New Zealand dollars.
  • Death – in death your entire pension money is passed onto your estate and there are no tax’s to be paid on this
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“Thanks, you guys made it so easy to transfer my pension over to New Zealand, I had spoken to other transfer companies but they made it sound too complicated.” Andrew Wilkinson