UK State pension and living in New Zealand

This factsheet sets out the key elements of the UK State Pension scheme and the
impact that UK State Pensions may have on your payments of New Zealand
Superannuation or Veteran’s Pension. The information about UK State pensions
should only be used as a guide. For more specific information about UK state
Pensions please contact the Pension Service in the United Kingdom.
At what age can I get a State Pension?
The United Kingdom (UK) has a state pension scheme that is available to men aged
65 years or over. Up until 5 April 2010 women were able to access the state pension
scheme from age 60 but from 6 April 2010 the age of entitlement to the UK State
Pension for women will gradually rise to 65 by 20201. You can find a table at the end
of this document showing the applicable UK State Pension age for women.
Over the longer term the UK State Pension age will also gradually increase between
6 April 2024 and 5 April 2046 from 65 to 68 years for both men and women.
What State Pensions are available in the UK?
There is the basic State Pension and an additional state pension called the State
Second Pension (S2P). The S2P replaced the State Earnings Related Pension
Scheme2 (or SERPS) in April 2002. Together, the basic State Pension and the S2P
are referred to as the State Pension.
UK residents can choose to join a private pension scheme instead of remaining in the
S2P scheme. This is called ‘contracting out’.

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