Why Choose Us?

This service is operated by the financial advisers of the Cranfield Group who have been providing financial advice to clients across New Zealand and abroad since 1988. Having the family name in the name of the company means they stand behind their advice and solutions they provide. With the compliance the financial advice industry is now under this is not a decision taken lightly.

Marcus Cranfield is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and is registered and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and is found here (click here to view certification).

  • Marcus lived and worked in both the UK and Europe in the financial services industry and so has an excellent understanding of the processes over that way.
  • Not only an AFA but also a Certified Financial Planner – which is an international qualification.
  • Years of experience in both pension transfers but also giving financial advice.
  • Fast, smooth service with competitive fees.
  • Regulated by the FMA and a member of the Financial Disputes Resolution Service.
“Thanks, you guys made it so easy to transfer my pension over to New Zealand, I had spoken to other transfer companies but they made it sound too complicated.” Andrew Wilkinson